Every day is a good day when you run

A New England girl's transformation from a runner to a marathoner!

Post race feelings

My end time ended up being 5:27. Beat the 5:30 CHECK. 

Sometimes I think about my time and am disappointed that I didn’t push it more in training or during the race. But, then I realize how freaking far I’ve gone in just a year. A year ago today I could barely run 2 miles, and now, the sky is the limit. And I have a solid base to work on for future races. And no injuries. No regrets.

If you noticed, tumblrs, you were on my most awesome list for dedicated miles. Mile 16! That’s when it started counting for me and everytime I thought about a short walking break, I thought of you guys that mile and really tried to push it for you. Thank you for helping me through that mile and, more importantly, through this training program. This network is truly unique and loving and I am forever grateful for finding it. This is corny but seriously, to be able to express my feelings and thoughts on running be it a rant or love sonnet, and get supportive feedback is amazing!

My first post-marathon run was today and, of course, it felt wonnnnderful and I just wanted to run, run, run as fast as my feet could take me. As always, I never learn my lesson that easing into running and speed is the key, not just sprinting. It seems I will never learn that. I suppose I like to channel my 4 year old self sometimes and just run for the hell of it…until my muscles say WHOAH NO WAY.

I’m sure another marathon is in my future, whether it near or far, and I can’t wait to see what next adventure running brings me! :)

  • 5 June 2012
  • 18